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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Free Love

How many layers of cynicism To make sure one is demanding enough How many layers of blindness To make us forget the quality of beauty How many layers of annoyance To protect me from loving How many layers of rules Til we all fit in where we should How much time wasted Pretending How many [...]

Ouvrir les yeux

Poursuivre les étoiles Ne pas finir comme un poisson dans un bocal Il faut voir Le Hérisson Pour comprendre qu’il faut ‘voir le hérisson’

Never gonna give you up

You know how the song sounds stupid But it happened anyway I gave up on you I let us both down It was too much effort To believe I was too proud To do those silly things you do When you want something real bad I hoped I criticised I moaned and grumbled But I [...]

Spoilt child

Spoilt child Tender and mild Grows a little Thinks life is simple Spoilt teen The boys’ queen Misses daddy Life’s still dandy Spoilt woman Throws ‘way more than one Ponders, whinges and frets Forgets it’s good to respect ‘Fuire le bonheur de peur qu’il se sauve’ Why don’t they hear me, lord above! Feeding fear [...]

I used to ride my bike

I used to ride my bike So fast I’d hit the fence Climb trees No mercy for knees I used to swim And boy I could run I felt powerful Joy in the sun I used to draw Make daisy necklaces Listen to music Sing to the lyrics I used to play All sorts of [...]

Temple touring, March 2006

The smells, the bustle, the Anglican church and the little girl. Memories that come flooding back, frothing with nostalgia. I recall love in Goa, taxi rides in Bombay, Alphonso mangoes. It’s not the season now. March is no good for mangoes and the season of love is over. It’s best this way but being here [...]