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Spoilt child

Spoilt child
Tender and mild
Grows a little
Thinks life is simple

Spoilt teen
The boys’ queen
Misses daddy
Life’s still dandy

Spoilt woman
Throws ‘way more than one
Ponders, whinges and frets
Forgets it’s good to respect

‘Fuire le bonheur de peur qu’il se sauve’
Why don’t they hear me, lord above!
Feeding fear for no good reason
Self-confused by made-up treason

My words are empty, my actions suck
Get that nasty cos I wanna fuck?
Time to get smart and beware!
Regrets form endless rows of pearl

There is no room for anger
As abruptly I remember
That vision and meaning can be achieved
An identity to love, more than I believed

Spoilt, lazy brat
What is that?
Use self-worth as food
Life may just taste good

After all…

Spoilt child
Tender and mild
Mine to care for
Make sure she knows it all

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